I’m Richard from Natural French Accent 


I was born in Paris there was 42 years ago…

Anyone can learn a new language, like French. 

They can pick it up through courses, trips abroad, or conversations. 

But, despite how much you practice and how familiar you are with it, you may find you can’t get rid of your accent. 

So how do we fix this, and start to sound like a native speaker? 

By using the Natural French Accent online training! 


This course is designed to help you develop a natural French accent and be more comfortable immersing yourself in culture and conversation.

Thorough training


I’ve made sure this course walks you through even the smallest details for better pronunciation, but also introduces you to common French expressions. 

The course content is available in several versions to match your level of proficiency. The goal is to help students of all ages and levels improve their accents.

Fluent English support from a native French speaker

As someone who has spent a lot of time learning to speak a new language, I am especially interested in proper pronunciation. 

Without it, people have a hard time understanding you. 

Pronunciation is essential to become an effective speaker, so I strive to be informative and clear in all my instruction. 

My experience with the language, and in teaching many students to speak it, allows me to support everyone by considering all the different challenges that can come up throughout the learning process.


Simplicity is key — in method, organization, and actions. 

Commitment and follow-up through different mechanisms, including online support, are also important in achieving fluency. 


At the end of this course, you will feel like you’ve been speaking French since you were a kid. 


People will wonder if you’re a native speaker after all!



By the way it’s me!