Is it your love story?

Isn’t it?


You will surely find a new inspiration in these explanations.


You who read me are you maybe you are: this one… the former student who didn’t always insist on the importance of rehearsals
Or this one… the language student who doesn’t imagine failure as a solution


But still, a new resolution in your life to learn again something striking like a tattoo….


Months have passed and you now want to sit down to eat….Whoever you are and whatever it is,
Remember one thing to sublimate yourself:


The love of words and sounds.Here is a portrait to give you or find the motivation to accomplish…


Why I like the French language?French is a beautiful living language with a rhythm, melody and sound.


You cannot acquire it without loving it and this love can only be achieved by mastering the pronunciation that gives it its vehicular character and legendary beauty.


Every learner must have in the presence of this phonic competence that raises him to the level of a unique suitor par excellence.It is only when the phonic words, finally conquered and subdued, bend to the caresses of the sounds to make it a pleasant melody.


The cultural richness of the French language, its aesthetic dimension and its emotional strength are expressed by the sound units.To produce them and take part in this art, it is not enough to speak, but to articulate well too.


The French phrase is only magical when the phonic words fulfil their mission admirably and this depends to a large extent on your know-how, on your perfect expression.The sentence is only magical when you have spoken it…


I would like to talk to you about a union filled with joy and their first child….


Fabienne and Laurent were, one could not be happier.
Six months ago, a little angel came to brighten up their home, which was all the more beautiful for it.Mom was at the height of her happiness, because the little Roman had not only just achieved a feat, but also to give thanks to her mother by taking her side outright.


Yes, but here it is, the young parents had bet on which one of them would get the kid’s favours.
Until then, only “areuh” filled the house with her sweet and early morning song at the time of the first feed of the day.


As soon as he was stuffed with milk, Romain began to sing as he pushed “areuh” which increased in intensity.Every morning, at the time of the birds’ chirping, he began his melody that Fabienne listened to with all the strength of her mind.


Laurent was so delighted that he promised his wife a wonderful necklace if the little cherub pronounced “maman” before “papa”.
Educated and educated, he knew that the “p” sound was easier to pronounce than the “b” sound for the baby.


Glad that her little one had already been able to formulate onomatopoeias, she took up the challenge not without a certain idea behind her head full of happy thoughts.
And as soon as her husband went to work, she would start tinkering with Romain’s little ears with her “mother” thrown at every turn.


For each object she showed him, she would blow his “mother” breath.One Sunday, while they were in the living room playing with their little child, their dog “cookie” got up and wagged his tail in front of it.


Amused by the animal, Romain launched his first “mamma” to Dad’s surprise, who declared himself defeated.


However, the father was taken by a laugh.Finally calmed down, Laurent said to his half:

“Romain confuses you with the dog. »


The first words are fundamental.But don’t forget this:

Parents and teachers repeat 2500 times on average the same things to educate a child….


You have the possibility to reduce this number because you are an adult!


There are many opportunities nowadays to learn but especially to fall in love with a languageTechnically being in love doesn’t give you a smart kind….


Here are some ideas to be charmed:


As foreign students, our brains are conditioned by, at least, our mother tongue.
The screen of this one will automatically filter the sounds of French by causing a bad perception implying a bad production.It is this interference from the mother tongue that is at the origin of our pronunciation with a certain accent.


The Swedish linguist Berti Malmberg said: “Any act of speech requires at least two people to be present: the speaker and the listener. One produces sounds, the other hears and interprets them. »



poor articulation leads to poor understanding and this has a huge impact on the quality of communication. To communicate well and easily a message, phonetic rules must be seriously respected.



These rules are defined by phonetics (in English: IPA international alphabet phonetic) which studies sounds by focusing only on articulated language.


In the learning of the French language, the place of pronunciation is of paramount importance.Language being an oral code whose main role is to allow verbal communication, good articulation is therefore essential.


In a speech, discussion or other vocal exchange, it is phonetics that allows the language to manifest itself. Learning French is a fairly long process that involves any learner investing time and training to be more successful. Its acquisition depends on phonetics and the importance of its practice.


Any student who wants to master the French language must inevitably acquire good articulatory habits.


Only a sustained and rigorous training is able to rub off on the already acquired articulatory system.
Therefore, we are called upon to follow a methodical teaching (alternating theory and practice) spread over time to learn how to produce sounds correctly.


As foreign students, in order to learn better and integrate into our environmental climate, we are obliged to express ourselves in French. Doing so with a good command of pronunciation helps to a large extent to improve comprehension.


On an individual and psychological level, this would have beneficial effects, not only in terms of gaining self-confidence, but also in terms of facilitating our integration into the social environment in which we are progressing.


Lafontaine said about his fables that he liked to teach and please at the same time.
Learning the language must be a real pleasure for the learner, which is why we recommend a pleasant path.


Certain types of texts are essential; they are easy to deal with and stand out for their simplicity and usefulness. Yes, the song, poem and play are most deserving educational aids in that they facilitate the memorization of good pronunciation, especially since they are well established and within reach.


Yes, there are many theatres in our cities and towns that are often the ones where poetry is often declaimed. Rich in sound and emotion, these texts are able to arouse the interest of learners by motivating them.


Learning phonetics must be practiced first and foremost through listening and imitation. Listening and repeating while imitating makes it possible to appropriate the phonetic code. Without it, we cannot give ourselves the chance to be able to articulate correctly.


In the French language, all sentences are composed of phonic units that are pronounced with one stroke without taking a breath. Good pronunciation does not mean good speech, because first of all, you have to be understood.



The correct pronunciation of words alone is not enough to fulfil this mission. To do this, it is mandatory that it be accompanied by the intonation that is necessary for comprehension.


Indeed, like any language, French has its own rhythm, its own melody. It is this musicality that gives meaning to the sounds expressed. Rhythm, accentuation and intonation are the essential elements of prosody.


As foreign students, we tend to speak with a certain accent. This accentuation is due to the length of time we spend pronouncing a syllable and the intensity of the sound produced. Mastering prosody means reducing these differences and speaking French well.


So be methodical then!


Working on the French accent when you are a foreigner: 3 tips

Yes, 3 tips to definitively adopt the French accent.

Listen and repeat, but alone!It may seem paradoxical to you, but working alone with your accent allows you to disinhibit yourself.


Have on hand conversation podcasts in French.
Listen and repeat the words and sentences until the sound sounds perfect!


Feel free to check in and listen to yourself again to ensure that you understand your speech.

Identify problems !

Depending on your mother tongue, the difficulty with French is not in the same place.


For example, the famous “R” is the beast of Spanish speakers.

If this is your case, work long and hard on this consonant.
But don’t get discouraged and don’t put pressure on yourself.The desire to speak this sexy language well will eventually bear fruit.


Get started?
I can imagine you thinking only of this language


You’re finally ready!
After days of listening and repeating words that were previously unpronounceable, you are now the champion of the “R” and “E”, the pinnacle of the French language.


At least from your point of view.


Paris, August 13th, most beautiful avenue in the world : Les Champs-Elysées….

…With your tour guide, you stop a passer-by to ask for directions.
Successful bet: you get your answer as expected.


Your future stay in France is finally looking very good.


Learning a language is therefore not so difficult….
All you need is :


* Patience,
* Perseverance,
* A touch of passion,


And the trick is done for a harmonious life…..


Ah love…