We all have various understandings of motivation.

Many of them are highly linked to what we have gone through or what we have heard other people talking about.

It is this experience that will push you to either do something or not try to do the things you wanted to do.

Therefore motivation acts as a guide to try and either warn you or encourage you to do something.


The crazy thing about all of this is that most people do not realize that these are just manipulations of emotions. They are caused by what your psychological state is at that time.

Emotions are merely an expression of the feelings you have and the mindset that you have towards a particular issue. This means that all the happiness sadness or even fear, apart from any of other emotions; are all just manipulations of your mind.


Finding the best way to balance how you feel will significantly affect the emotions that you have. The fun thing is that without knowing you also get to see yourself at a point of motivation that is very vital. Your motive for doing most things is because you know that you are about to get something out of it. You end up having a goal.


Types of emotions

When it comes to the psychological world of looking at things, emotions are not just moods that people usually have. They are more like the action signals that describe what you need to do or what has just happened to you. None of the emotions known to you come out of the blues. In every case, they are usually triggered by something.

Therefore, some of the most basic types of emotions that can be manipulated to your advantage are like

• Fear

• Hurt

• Frustration

• Guilt

• Overwhelm

• Anger

• Happiness

• Enthusiasm

• Inadequacy

• Loneliness

Many of these emotions are usually caused by the environment that you happen to be part of. How do the people treat you at the job, home, or even on the streets? How do you respond to how these people treat you? Do they make you overwhelmed, or are you deciding to rise above the challenge and think outside the parameters that they have set for you?


When you get to visit a psychologist, more often than not, they will try to get you to master how you relate with your emotions. Many people may not understand this, but it happens to be the best form of self-motivation that you could ever have. Learning how best to handle what you get to come out of you is like winning a jackpot. It gives you the highest form of pride.




How is it possible to master your feelings as a form of self-motivation?

It is now quite clear that your emotions have a very significant effect on how you react to anything. The strongest of the people in this world, whether physically or even emotionally, are those who are willing to make use of the turmoil that was inside them. This makes it their driving force for a better ending and most probably a better life too.


It just shows that it is possible to learn how to make your emotions work for you instead of having them lead you in what you are expected to do. In most cases, when you allow your body to make decisions for you, they are never really things that you will be proud of at any time.


There are some necessary steps that you can use to make you lord over your emotions and not the other way round. You are then able to have full control and even change it to one that works best for you at that time.


1. Understand what factors trigger certain emotions in you.

The first and most crucial step is to know what emotions you succumb to in most cases. Everyone has a specific excitement that they happen to be understood most of the time. In most cases, it is determined by the people who surround you or the people whom you work with most of the time.

You need to understand that they have the most significant influence on who you get to be and why you are the way you are. There is a saying that “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” The same mentality also works with the emotions that you tend to have.

Before you can even start handling those emotions, you should be in a position to list down all of them and also identify what exactly makes you react in the ways that you do cause those emotions to come up.


2. Appreciate those emotions and what they can make you do.

Once you get to know what emotions you succumb to most of the times, it is advised that you accept it. This will give you a better platform to be in a position to handle them better or even change them if the need arises. It also allows you to get to a location of understanding.

More so, appreciating these emotions forces you to face them, unlike most people who tend to ignore their existence. This makes them grow and end up becoming more futile. The damage then becomes worse than what you would have been expecting.

Accepting and appreciating why you get certain emotions places you at a far distance from guilt, disapproval, or even denial. All these are but more prominent causes to more trouble. If you find yourself in a position of denial, it gets quite hard to know why you have a particular emotion. It also gets tricky in knowing how to handle it.


3. Find a purpose for the particular actions that tend to trigger those emotions.

Once you are in a position to learn more about that emotion, you may know what things trigger that emotion to existence. Identifying the specific activity or the perception of the expected result will allow you to manage the effect better. It will also increase your self-motivation and pride

Let us say that when you see someone dressed in gym wear, you end up feeling frustrated or guilty.

What would be the best thing for you to do? I would think you should stop going to those streets with many of the workings out centers.

Or why don’t you start eating healthy and doing that exercise that you dread? That way, you will not be frustrated when you see people making an effort that you are not making.


4. Identify alternative actions that could result in the same result.

The best part of knowing and understanding your weakness is that you get to find alternative solutions to it. Knowing other alternatives helps you to be wiser of the situations that you get yourself in to. It also helps you to be innovative on the various options you have on handling that feeling.

Fining out other causes too that specific emotion gives you a chance to evade them or change what you use to do that brought up that emotion.

This is important because life has a dynamic aspect to it in most cases.  Most of the things that you were used to, never come back the way they did before.

Things change, and so do people or even situations. Be prepared to handle many other causes of the same emotion as you continue living your life.


5. Try and find out the other emotions that are being attached to that specific action or result.

Apart from the resulting actions, it is also possible for you to identify various other emotions that could be arisen by that action.

Let’s take, for example, the frustration you get when you see people in gym wear. Instead of feeling irritated, why don’t you try to feel enthusiastic about seeing people going to the gym?

You should make yourself feel also encouraged to sign up and join them as they exercise and stay fit. It will help you maintain your health, and you will see long term tangible results. Finding other ways that you can expose your emotions, is a very healthy way of handling it and ensuring that it is for the goo of you as the owner.

 6. Convince yourself that you have the better hand in this issue.

The strongest emotion knows that deep down, you can handle a specific issue. This confidence will give you a resounding stand that when a situation arises, you will not feel overburdened. The crazy part is this can only come if you have had an experience with that precise issue.

You need to understand it is never easy to push yourself. Neither is it easy to convince yourself that you can handle something. However, finding the perfect balance that will help you self-motivate yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.

Many people walk around with mantras that are aimed at reminding them that they have a better hand in all these.

Mantras like “I value myself, I value my mind, my emotions, my body, and my spirit” helps to convince you that what happened to you is no joke and that they are all unique.

They all have meanings which you should not assume.


7. Psych yourself on what awaits you because now you are at a better point.

Convincing yourself that you are more than what you are feeling, is one of the necessary steps if you want to handle your emotions better. However, you should understand that a lot of convincing is done at real time. Something needs to be happening for you to know how to encourage yourself.

What if you get scared that the same thing may happen in the future when you are least prepared? What will you do? How do you think you will handle yourself? Might you break down and crumble? Or will you be true to yourself and treat it with a motivated spirit?

All these are things that you need to be looking into before you can convince yourself that you can handle or manage your emotions. You should be in a position to be prepared in case a similar incident happening in the future. You should keep encouraging yourself that you can do this. Remind yourself that you have conquered it before. Therefore it should not be a strange thing to you.


Benefits of handling your emotions.

The beauty of knowing who you are emotional places you at a significant advantage over very many other things that you will face.

Even without having to say, there are very many advantages that result in you managing your emotions well enough.

Some of the benefits include

• You acquire security and confidence in your inner self.

• You get to have high emotional intelligence.

• You have intense inner peace

• You learn how to handle internal conflicts better

• You have better mood-changing tactics

• You can easily handle pressure without crumbling

• You will be in a better position to manage people’s issues an even encourage them.

• You will be at the position of a role model to people who are had similar

• It becomes more comfortable for you to deal with all types of people without getting sidetracked.


Final word.

The highest form of motivation is one that comes from your inner self. Finding a point where your motivation comes from the internal part greatly helps you understand and handle the external better.

The only risk, however, arises if the motivation is right or wrong. Most of these decisions happen to be attached to the emotions that you get time to time.

The easiest way of getting to motivate yourself is by knowing what triggers what and how to handle it better.

Understanding what emotions you get and how to change how they affect your everyday life is also a very important skill.

Knowing this necessary skill will allow you to create a hardcover around you that will be the source of push that you need for your life.