Hi ya,

You get lost?


The fundamental question is not whether you are good or bad in French…..

And it’s certainly not knowing that you can write in French (congrats!!!)

Or even less to speak in French….

But could you answer me, to be honest, this essential question:

What is your level of pronunciation when you speak French?

29%, 74%….?



Hello, my name is Richard,

And on my new desk wood(beautiful) in Paris, I would like to explain the or YOUR problem with the French…

It is only natural to want effective, quick and meaningful results

Spending time without significant improvement inevitably leads to thinking:

IMPOSSIBLE!!! it’s too much, it’s hard, enough!!!

Who hasn’t wanted to easily find a way to automatically fill out their administrative files page by page? Just like a sports almanac or the second installment of a famous sci-fi film…

Fast, fast, fast….


Easy learning that just takes a few minutes a day and is specifically designed for people who love the French language.

One thing is certain, a miracle solution like this doesn’t exist, and definitely not here

My notes are here to prepare you and help you improve your current level…

The promise that I’m making today is based on my reflections, observations, and my way of seeing things!


But let’s be clear on ONE THING:

This method isn’t for just anyone!

To create a path to your success, I need people who are dedicated. What I’m presenting to you today is much more than a simple method!!!

Keep calm…

You have read a few articles and :

My position has allowed me to observe a maximum of interactions that allow me to have pertinent reflections as to what you’re missing to put yourself above the rest.


What do you say?

Do you think that it’s difficult to imagine?


The goal isn’t to treat you like a defenseless victim, but to give you actual help in achieving your dream:

Speaking French well without an accent!

And all this without strangling you BETWEEN every word…

Establish a plan to increase your confidence

And of course, especially now a days as many of us do not have a surplus of time, find the right information immediately

Furthermore, it was my duty to present an alternative to this situation.

To understand that even if you are extremely serious, keeping yourself going everyday requires motivation.


This proposition does not detract from the quality of your professors:

* Online,

* At school

* In study groups.

On the contrary,

I am mainly here to help you improve your ability to self-analyze. I can be the accelerator of your daily habits and enhance them. Improve your study habits.

I play the role of an ASSISTANT, with a few extra bonuses…


If you truly want to master the French language, to have the honed reflexes and the rare skill to make rapid connections between each new pronunciation,

In the end you’re doing great!!

So, continue reading the explanations that I will expand upon on this page.

In summary:

I have created an online support with multiple rate offers:

Natural French Accent “YOUR WAY”

By offering you this today, we are making the most of our time.

These different formulas are informational tools that can be selected individually or in a package that will surely help you advance STEP by STEP and answer your questions…


Do you want to see rapid results?

Work easier, and work better! Let’s not lose time!

Despite everything, I try to be honest.

This offer isn’t for everyone…


I’ll say it again, and I apologize for repeating myself:

1. I cannot respond to everyone at the same time since you are able to follow the first program at your own rhythm…

2. You must be incredibly motivated to follow the details of the second program… seriously!

3.I need people who will quickly jump to action. People who are going to develop their potential without imagining another outcome.

Once again, TIME is MONEY!

My goal is clear: RESULTS (whatever results you are looking for…)

Now, if you are ready to start from a solid base and follow my lead, I can show you all that I know to drastically reduce your weaknesses

Now there are two clear options: you can click the button below to see the different prices

(summary explanations at each step of the payment process) Or you can continue to calmly peruse this presentation of “Your way”…



Seriously !!!!!

you thought it was enough to validate and move on to a new stage in your life….


Stop !

This link doesn’t work anyway!

You need to know a few more things,

I can assure you that everything will be much clearer for you afterwards….

The “YOUR WAY” service is a moment of calm before the storm…

A beforehand preparation that will give you to support you need to swim in the ocean!

I will show you my best techniques, ideas, and most importantly, an organization plan.(more confident)

You will immediately see significant progress. Starting the first day you start using it…

With total FOCUS on elements that are often forgotten in traditional education…


By the end of the program,

I want you to be able to understand the rules of the French language well enough to make a native French speaker jealous(Me, first and foremost…)

● I hope that once you have completed the program, you will have the confidence to start conversations and that your image of a lovely little ginger kitten (assuming you LIKE animals…) is a strong Kenyan lion in its reflection (and I chose my words carefully…)

● I believe this will truly be a shortcut for you. Being capable during the coming weeks…

       … Understanding different technical points if you want to improve your level without having to ask a professional too many questions.

      … BETTER prepare you to start a discussion, no matter who you are talking to.

● These skills are the skills that help you convince people and win them over. And therefore, they put you in a position of confidence.


This method can help you overcome a real level.

Simple but efficient…

It works no matter the scale of your work.

From the very first hours to everyday life.

Therefore, it is important to act and not back down…

That’s my goal for YOU!!!

(Keep going your knowledge with the key.)

I’m going to show you how to increase your understanding of the French language, and you will quickly understand why “Your way” will become your bible…

When you start speaking French, you have to be able to manage:

● Analyzing the question

● Providing a clear response or continuing the debate

● Listening carefully

● The importance and function of each sound

● and Constantly focusing on every word.



 Also look at what you will be getting along with this exclusive offer:

● HOW to customize your statement as you go, while always having exactly what you need…

● WAYS to reduce your accent and simple ways (multiple ways, all except the least efficient) in order to store information and know how to use and reproduce it from the beginning, even from the very first level…

● How to speak to multiple people and use EVERY moment to continue to improve.

● The BEST way to react… you have to think it through!


… The precise WORDS that will open a plethora of subjects

… Elements you must remove from your vocabulary

… How to recover the plot of a story… a small change that doesn’t take more than 10 seconds


– The MAGIC words in French that will improve your integration.

– Why having a bad attitude doesn’t help anyone…and what to do exactly so that all of your efforts help to quickly transform your self-worth entirely and not just create a smiling facade…

There you have it. I apologize for boring you with this long presentation, but it is vital to understand that “YOUR WAY” will help you gain time, money, and most of all… self-confidence!

Having a strong foundation will help you be calmer…

Once again, I can’t promise exact results (as it all depends on your dedication and ability to follow the program all the way through to the end)



I don’t see what more I could do, after having spent so much time analyzing the subject and making it as easy for you as possible!


To turn a moment that seems complicated and important to you into a great ADVENTURE!

With real technical skills at the end of the tunnel.

“YOUR WAY” is offered like this:

1. It is completely flexible

2. It is offered in three phases.

My goal is to present a real offer and not just a useless welcome gift…

If you read the following, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction.

First phase: Reading, rereading, and again rereading the “Your way” course, paired with a coupon for the next level.

Second phase: In my presence with a few significant bonuses, I will explain the potential of the “Your way” course, including, of course, a coupon for the final phase.

  (Again, you are FREE to jump around the steps….I am just giving you the best way to experience “YOUR WAY” program…)

Finally, the third and final phase of the program includes 3 hours** scheduled together to analyze your situation. Scheduling a monthly meeting in order to give you a true analysis of all your questions, observations, and weaknesses

*HOWEVER please note, the quality surpasses the quantity and therefore there is a waiting list when scheduling this meeting

**For the meetings, I use the Skype app. Once your order has processes, you will receive a link to download Skype and an explanation of how to use it.

Other options are available on the site but are also limited in their quantity. You will have the opportunity to discover them at your convenience on the purchase menu or later.

One last time, this offer isn’t for everyone. Therefore, it isn’t addressed to the majority of people.

For example:

This offer is not for people who aren’t ABLE to apply themselves… Nor is it for those who don’t understand that the best investment they can make is in being prepared…


It is also not for people who prefer ready-made, prerecorded programs and who think they can learn thanks to a magic potion and be able to use this new ability 15 minutes later…

If this sounds like you, then don’t waste your time!

It is possible to acquire my skills and to see results yourself…

…And as much as I would like to respond to everyone, it is impossible for me to meet everyone’s needs all at once.

As the focus is quality of quantity, spots are limited.

Also, I must remind you again that there is a waiting list for the interview.


So naturally,

I fully understand that if you are looking for quick and easy lessons, you will not follow up with us, even after having read this long explication.

I will see you again after you click the “YOUR WAY” button just below(now, it works)